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RagaMuffin Torti Cat
RagaMuffin Torti Cat

RagaMuffin Purebred Dam

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RagaMuffin Kitten
RagaMuffin Kitten

Purebred RagaMuffin Kitten

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ragamuffin kittens for adoption
ragamuffin kittens for adoption

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RagaMuffin Torti Cat
RagaMuffin Torti Cat

RagaMuffin Purebred Dam

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Welcome to the RagaMuffin Kittens United Group

Home of the "Authentic RagaMuffin" Breeders!

The purpose of the RagaMuffin Kittens United Group (RKUG) is to encourage, promote, and improve the health and breeding of RagaMuffin cats by maintaining standards, encouraging exhibitions, and offering service to its members.  In keeping with those goals, the RagaMuffin breeders of RKUG agree to a strict Code of Ethics.


The RagaMuffin Cat and RagaMuffin Kittens are known as the "Teddy Bear of the Cat World" and they make the best companion cat for any family or individual. See our COMPANION CAT PAGE for more of the outstanding RagaMuffin traits.  You will be amazed at how soft and silky a RagaMuffin's coat is.  You won't want to stop petting them and they won't want you to stop either. They love it!

Noted for its large size, friendly disposition, and strength they'll soon be well known, but for now still a very uncommon breed! According to many publications, the RagaMuffin is the third rarest cat in the World!


RagaMuffin Cat

Feel free to contact us with questions or special requests:

How to Know You Are Getting a Real "Authentic RagaMuffin"

Your Kitten's Dam and Sire must be registered with the following Organizations.  No exceptions.

TICA is not a pedigreed registry for RagaMuffins.

American Cat Fancy Association Logo

The American Cat Fancy Association


The ACFA is a cat registry for purebred pedigreed cats formed with the intent of allowing greater flexibility in the development of pedigreed cats.

Cat Fancy Association Logo
Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Logo

Cat Fancy Association


The CFA is the World's largest registry of pedigreed cats.

Governing Council of the Cat Fancy


The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy is the UK's Premier Registration body.

The RagaMuffin Cat and Kittens are a healthy breed.  Each of our RagaMuffin Breeders is dedicated to maintaining the overall health of their RagaMuffins.  RagaMuffins do not have specific health issues in the Breed.  All our breeding cats are tested and negative for HCM/PKD (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) and (Polycystic kidney disease).  We also test our breeding cats for Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).  We test our catteries randomly to maintain a negative environment free of any health issues.

ragamuffin kittens for adoption

 You will find a RagaMuffin Cat and RagaMuffin Kitten is different from any other cat breed They are truly unique.  Expect your RagaMuffin to follow you throughout the day, greet you at the door, and take the occasional "lap nap".  They love to get attention and love to get attention relying on the companionship of their humans.  They do not do well left alone for hours at a time so adopters need to spend more time at home than away. If you are away for a minimal amount of time the best option is to get another RagaMuffin! 

Having two RagaMuffin Kittens is the ultimate!  You have twice the "cuddling" and "lovin"        when you have two, but luckily it does not add too much extra work and you can enjoy them for many years. RagaMuffin Cats can live a long life with proper nutrition and care to close    to 20 years!   

2022 Calendars are on sale now! 

Lots of beautiful photos and information about the RagaMuffin!

The Calenders are $25 and you can contact any of the RKUG members to order one.  All proceeds go to help the RagaMuffin Kittens United Group and its RagaMuffin Breeders.

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