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A RagaMuffin Breeders Club

The RagaMuffin Kittens United Group is a new group of experienced and dedicated RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders with the goal of ensuring the ethical breeding of purebred RagaMuffin kittens.   We are experienced RagaMuffin Kitten breeders who are also dedicated to furthering the health, happiness and care of our RagaMuffin Cats and kittens by adhering to a strict Code of Ethics.  

The RagaMuffin Cat and Kittens, also known as the “Teddy Bear of the Cat World” have gained popularity among families and individuals in the past few years.  Their beautiful array of colors, sweet appearance, and super soft coats are just a few of the traits that truly make the RagaMuffin Kitten special..   They are a healthy cat with a personality you just can’t resist.- They love attention and love to give attention.

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Membership for the RagaMuffin Kittens United Group is offered for RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders and Fanciers.  For more information Contact Us.

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Ike of LuvNMuffin Cattery exemplifies the RagaMuffin Cat.  He is a Seal Lynx Point and White Adult RagaMuffin Cat.

ragamuffin kitten breeders

This is a question often asked. The RagaMuffin cat can be said to be a "cousin" to the Ragdoll cat. While they both have the same sweet, affectionate, puppy-like temperament, the RagaMuffin cat breeders elected to allow certain outcrosses to other breeds in order to insure that the gene pool was large enough to provide for the excellent health of the RagaMuffin cat. The use of the outcrosses has strengthened the health of the RagaMuffin cat as well as changed the look of the RagaMuffin cat from that of the Ragdoll cat.

The RagaMuffin cat has a shorter, scooped nose, while the Ragdoll cat has a gentle curve with the final segment straight. Rather than having a flat plane between the ears like the Ragdoll cat, the skull of the RagaMuffin cat is gently rounded. The RagaMuffin cat has a bit more chubby-looking face, and slightly tipped forward ears. RagaMuffin Cat breeders also emphasize a sweet expression and walnut shaped eyes rather than the oval eyes seen in the Ragdoll Cat.

In addition to these differences, we choose to have our Breeding RagaMuffin cats DNA tested to determine whether they carry the HCM Ragdoll gene mutation for this genetic disease that is lethal in many cats.

It is our desire to produce the greatest Health in our RagaMuffin Cats and RagaMuffin Kittens from all our RKUG Breeders.



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